1973 Hurst Olds Website
Welcome to my 1973 Hurst Olds Website.  

Check out the NEW Wanted/For Sale page.  I will list 73 Hurst/Olds items Wanted and For Sale on this page.  Just email me.

I am starting this site to research the 73 Hurst Olds.  I believe the 1973 HO "List " does exist.  The "List" with the 73 HO VINs and 73 HO Hurst production numbers is out there.  Unfortunately, we do not know where the "List" is.  The cars had to be documented during production so the "List" does exist.  But, at this point where the "List" is, is unknown.

So what can we do?  We can all add our cars to a list, so the information can be compiled and sorted, and we can learn more about the 73 Hurst Olds.  I am starting this site to gain and share knowledge about the 73 Hurst Olds.  Click on the Registry Bar to the left and add your 73 HO to the list.

Click on the List tab to the left and a list of currently registered 1973 Hurst/Olds will be displayed.

Register your 73 HO and I can estimate your HO number and your build date.

I would also like to promote the flow of information about the 73 Hurst Olds.  I think this website will be a good tool to share information.

I am also looking for cars with specific VIN sequence numbers.  The sequence number would be the last six digits of the VIN.    Sequnce numbers  around 388600, 438000, 441000, 451000, and 456200.  If you have a sequence number around these numbers please email me.

If you own a 73 Hurst Olds email me a picture and I will post it on the website.
If you have a 73 Hurst Olds for sale I can post it on the website also. 

To post a 73 HO for sale, first click on the Registry button and register the HO.  Then provide a picture and info you want displayed by email and I will post the HO on the For Sale Page of the website.

My email stews73ho@hotmail.com.
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Dennis  Riley Left Rear
Dennis Riley Right Front
Dennis  Riley Engine
Dennis Riley Drivers Seat
The  HO to the left is an all original, one owner car owned by Dennis Riley.  I will be adding more pictures of this car to the restoration page.  Thanks for the photos Dennis.
Dennis Riley's HO